About Us

We are an IT company providing software solutions and web solutions. Since establishment in 1994, we are delivering excellence through design, development and implementation of software solutions to our clients. We have developed many online and offline special purpose softwares and Indian language data processing products for government, co-operative and private organizations and educational institutes. 'VidyaSagar' is our flagship product specially designed for management of educational institute libraries. We have designed websites for many colleges and private organizations.
We provide IT products like Smart ID cards based on RFID and barcode technology. We work at the forefront of technologies and processes to help our clients become more productive, integrated and innovative. In short, all our products are EASY to handle and USEFUL for our clients. In the fast changing scenario in India, the fastest changing line is probably the academics. Also with new emerging technologies and applications the Institute itself needs to stay at the forefront of development and control all the parameters while going at full speed, from reporting to NAAC and University and other officiating bodies, the Institute has still to carry on with the daily administration and the students. Our Softwares and services make it easy for you to do all this.


We will be happy to explain how our services make you more efficient. They enable the administrator / management to keep an updated record of everything and maintain the pulse of the institute with lowest possible efforts. In the 21st century where progress is happening at leaps and bounds where the modern student is far more intelligent and well-informed than the students a few years ago while the parents and society and media demand a lot more accountability than the earlier years, it has become very imperative for all the institutions of study to become automated. A few years back computerisation did it all but now with the mobile rising as a far more dominant and ubiquitous tool, almost all the functions have been taken over by these mostly android based gadgets. We have developed Android based Apps that will help you track and keep a touch with all related parameters.